El Salvador Spanish Schools - Pay online for classes in La Libertad, El Sunzal, Santa Ana, San Salvador.
Homestay Program                                                 

We offer a full-immersion language learning environment through our carefully selected homestays with Salvadoran families.  Private rooms and two meals per day included.  Available in Santa Ana, San Miguel and San Salvador.
You can pay your fees directly to our program in El Salvador using any one of the following methods of payment:

Western Union        


> Bitcoin                                   
   To spend Bitcoin, you need to:
   1.  Obtain a wallet that can store and send Bitcoin.
   2.  Acquire Bitcoin from an exchange, a friend, or a Bitcoin 
  3.  Make payments using your wallet details or QR codes. You 
       can also send Bitcoin to friends, family, or charities.
  4.  Wait for transaction confirmation and keep records of your 

Please note, all program fees are quoted in US dollars.  The US dollar and Bitcoin are the official currencies of El Salvador.

Please make payment to Program Director, Nelson Evelio Pacheco Martinez.
Spanish Language Instruction

1 Week Course (20 hours) - Santa Ana                                             
1 Week Course (20 hours) - San Salvador                                      
1 Week Course (20 hours)- San Miguel
Cultural Program                                                                         

We offer 2-3 half-day activities every week, transportation included. Visit museums, ruins, beaches, shopping, waterfalls.  

Longer trips to other attractions, like Perquin, Copan, and Rio Dulce can be arranged.  
Salsa Dance Lesson                                                                     
Learn to Salsa, Merengue, dance Cumbia and folklorico with a qualified instructor.

Airport Pickup
Airport pickup - San Salvador & La Libertad                     
Airport pickup - Santa Ana & other locations                   

Semester and Summer Programs
Prices include Classes + Excursions + Homestay

Spring Semester                                                                                   
14 weeks

Summer Intensive Language Program                                                   
June - August 
8 weeks

Fall Semester                                                                              
14 weeks

Winter Intersession                                                                           
December &/or January   
4 weeks​

Application Fee                                                                                       
Refund Information

Cancellation before arrival:
Cancellation fees are charged as follows, and any balance is refunded:

More than 14 days before the course begins: 
Cancellation fee of US$100

Less than 14 days before the course begins: 
Cancellation fee and 20% of the Program Fee.

Cancellation after arrival:
In no case will money be refunded after the program commencement date.  This policy is due to the outlay of resources by the program prior to the student's arrival: teachers change their work schedules to accommodate the student, homestay families purchase items for the student, and both expect to be paid by our program for their services.

El Salvador Spanish Schools
Program Fees and Pay Online
El Salvador Spanish Schools

Prof. Nelson Evelio Pacheco Martínez, Director
Santa Ana, El Salvador, Centroamérica

tel. 011(503) 77340835 or 
USA tel. (207) 232-2524

email: salvaspan@gmail.com
$175 per week (Santa Ana)
$100 per week
$100 per week