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Excursion Program
The Volcanos of El Salvador
We offer 2 and 3 excursions per week for students and travelers.  Destinations depend on whether you study in La Libertad, Santa Ana, or San Salvador.  Favorites are Nahua-Pipil Mayan ruins like Tazumal, San Andres, and Joya de Ceren; waterfalls like Los Chorros; lakes like Lago de Coatepeque; volcanoes like Volcan de Izalco and Cerro Verde; museums and churches in the capital;  coffee-growing towns like Chiltiupan and Ahuachapan; beaches and surf spots including El Zunzal, Bocalio, Metalio, La Bocana, Punta Roca, La Paz, and the entire Costa Balsamo and Costa del Sol, where hundreds of miles of undiscovered sandy beaches and rocky points await. 
Longer excursions can be arranged:

>>The train from Armenia to Sonsonate (recommended****)
>>Ruins of Copan in Honduras
>>Rio Dulce and Panajachel in Guatemala
>>Perquin, Morazan and the monument to the El Mozote   
   massacre of 1981. 

Prices vary. 
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Los Volcanes de El Salvador....
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