Application Process
El Salvador Spanish Schools
Teaching Spanish in El Salvador since 1999.
Application Deadlines
Normally, we must receive your application and fees no later than 14 days before the program starts. Acceptance of late applications is subject to space availability.

Financial Aid
In many cases, it is possible for students to transfer much or all of their financial aid to pay for our study abroad program. However, students should discuss specific plans with study abroad advisors and financial aid counselors well in advance of the program. It is the student's responsibility to understand the home institution's requirements and deadlines regarding all financial aid funds.

Academic Credit
Students who wish to receive credit for our programs should contact the study abroad office or Spanish language department at your college or university prior to starting the program. Present your plan to them asking for detailed requirements on how to arrange credit in advance. With the detailed information from your home-campus, our staff will design a syllabus and course content to match your university's requirements, and we'll provide grade transcripts and any other necessary documentation to complete arrangements.

How to apply?
Click here to access our Online Application Form
We encourage you to apply online, but you may also print out the Application Form from your browser and send it by mail.  If you are going to pay an application fee by check, money order or by wire transfer, please print out the Application Form from your browser and send it with your payment by mail to PO Box 724  Holyoke, MA  01041 USA.. Please make checks out to:    BRIAN OELBERG.

Please send us the folowing:
Completed application (printed or online).
A non-refundable application fee of US$25.
Upon receiving your application and application fee, we will send you a registration confirmation and Invoice. Please note that we prefer to receive tuition and accommodation fees at least 14 days before the commencement of your program.

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Refund Information 
Cancellation before arrival:
Cancellation fees are charged as follows, and any balance is refunded:

More than 14 days before the course begins: Cancellation fee of US$100

Less than 14 days before the course begins: Cancellation fee and and 20% of the Program Fee.

Cancellation after arrival
In no case will money be refunded after the program commencement date.  This policy is due to the outlay of resources by the program prior to the student's arrival:  teachers change their work schedules to accomodate the student, homestay families purchase items for the student, and both expect to be paid by our program for their services.
Program costs and payment procedure.
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