Escuela Punta Roca
We now offer surfing lessons in La Libertad, El Zunsal, and El Zonte. 
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Escuela Punta Roca
Prof. Nelson Evelio Pacheco Martínez
Tel. (503) 77340835
Puerto de La Libertad
El Salvador, CA

Escuela El Zunsal
El Salvador, CentroAmerica
USA:  (207) 232-2524

El Salvador Spanish Schools offer courses in Santa Ana, San Salvador, and with the Escuela Punta Roca in Puerto de La Libertad, a coastal surfing destination. We offer Spanish language instruction at all levels, and our basic lesson plan consists of twenty hours of study a week, four hours a day. You will be given a placement exam upon your arrival to determine your level of instruction. Our class size is limited to 8 students.

>>> >>> We are a unique program in that we offer students the option of studying in La Libertad, in the coffee country of Santa Ana, or through an exchange with the Escuela Cuzcatlan in the capitol, San Salvador. You can study at one, two, or all three locations which allows you to really get to know the country.

>>> >>> Our program is designed around a full-immersion pedagogy which includes intensive Spanish instruction and the chance to put what you learn into practice through a homestay with a Salvadoran family. Students also have the option of a hotel, which is slightly more expensive.

>>> >>> We also offer three excursions per week to Mayan ruins, waterfalls, highland coffee villages like Los Naranjos and Nahuizalco, and museums, for $30 a week. The full program is offered for $800 a month, or $200 a week. Flexible scheduling options and one-on-one classes are available, and discounts are available for groups.

>>> >>> Our instructors are experienced language teachers with degrees from the national universities, and Director Nelson Pacheco is bilingual and has nine years of teaching experience. He is available to facilitate your visit, helping with tasks which are difficult for foreigners, such as renting a house or car, making travel arrangements, or just getting your food the way you like it.

>>> >>> We offer two semester programs, corresponding to the fall and spring semesters in the USA (September-December, February-May) and winter and summer sessions in January, July, and August. About college credit: to receive college credit for your coursework with our program and most other language schools, you need to document your coursework and then have the credits assessed by your home institution. We will issue transcripts and written evaluations of your progress, and you will need to keep your homework and tests to document your work. Other US institutions will grant credit in a similar manner but are generally more expensive.

Also feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.


Nelson Evelio Pacheco Martinez, Director and founder
Brian Oelberg, US Director